Welcome reception

Welcome reception (6th June) – how to get (Norwida 25)

You have to take a tram as listed below from the station called pl. Dominikański, which is located next to the Mercury Hotel. B&B is situated very close to the Mercure (about 200 m). When you leave B&B just turn right and go towards shopping mall “Galeria Dominikańska”.
2 (Biskupin) – 4 stops
4 (Biskupin) – 3 stops
10 (Biskupin) – 4 stops
33 (Stadion Olimpijski) – 3 stops
This might be helpful: http://wroclaw.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en
A tram ticket can be bought at the tram stop or inside the vehicle by credit card. It is important to validate the ticket on the tram. A ticket bought inside the vehicle is assigned to the credit/debit card as an electronic ticket, no paper form is required. A single ticket costs 3,40 PLN and it entitles you to travel on regular lines. There are also some short-term tickets. During the validity of these tickets you may change buses/trams as often as you wish. In order to get from Mercure to our university you should buy a 15 minutes ticket. It will cost you 2,40 PLN. Check for more details here: https://www.wroclaw.pl/en/ticket-types-and-prices

The destination stop is called pl. Grunwaldzki.

You have to walk around 400m to the venue, Norwida 25 Street (picture below). When you enter the building, take the stairs and go straight to the patio area (I floor).