AFRICARIUM is Poland’s first oceanarium and the only one in the world devoted to the flora and fauna of just one continent. The most fascinating and at the same time endangered species of the Dark Continent are presented on almost 2.5 acres(10,000 m²), under one roof. As a result, we can admire five diversified ecosystems associated with aquatic environment of Africa under the general theme “life-giving waters of Africa”!

The tour path winds for almost a kilometre and runs through entire Africa – from  Northeast, through Central to West, bypassing Sahara, visiting  five regions of the Dark Continent. Each region is an endangered ecosystem, inhabited by spectacular animals.

Our journey starts at the beaches of the Red Sea, and then gradually submerges into its waters, to the  coral reef of countless splashingly colourful fish.

Further down the path you will find yourself in East Africa taking an underwater walk in the Nile along with the hippos. The tour continues on through the Great Lakes of Tanganyika and Malawi, allows a peek into the aardvarks burrow and naked mole rats tunnels, to resurface into the grasslands home of dik-diks.

We leave East Africa passing under the 8 meter high waterfall and descend deep into the Mozambique Channel. Walking through the 18 meter long acrylic tunnel gives a thrilling experience of being underwater, and having sharks and rays at your fingertips.

From the depths of the Mozambique Channel, we move to the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, where we can admire the frolics of African penguins and South African fur seals,  through the huge acrylic viewing  panes of the shipwreck.

The Congo Rainforest is the last land we visit, with the temperature reaching 30ºC, and humidity of 60%. Surrounded by exotic vegetation and free flying birds, we meet at last two very different species living side by side here- deadly crocodiles and docile manatees.

The Africarium is a mosaic where every ecosystem is a new adventure – a variety of animals, plants and naturalistic displays plus specific weather conditions paint an authentic picture of Africa.
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